Bob Palmatier

The Endangered North American Turtle Series

Each of these three, 8 ˝" by 11," 96 page, perfect bound books, printed totally on recycled paper, have a common purpose: First, to tell a good story, enhanced by colorful illustrations, that elementary school age children can come back to again and again, learning more at each reading. The second purpose is to provide through each book’s story, illustrated glossary, and life history section, compelling information about a unique species of North American turtle. All of the species in the series suffer from habitat destruction, collection for food or for the illegal pet trade, and diminishing populations in the wild.

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Stormy's Return
The Tiny Turtle of the Marsh
Little Tess the Sea Turtle
Story Summary:
A spotted turtle makes his way home after being relocated by a well meaning naturalist. Based on a true story!

1500 printed. Sold out!
Story Summary:
A boy learns about life in a barrier island salt marsh from a diamondback terrapin he rescues from a crab trap.

1000 printed. Sold out!
Story Summary:
How does a little sea turtle know where to lay her eggs? Little Tess learns how to make the most important decision of her life.

300 printed. Sold out!

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