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Daily Schedule:

Each day begins with outdoor nature exploration and field sketching on woodland paths and extensive pond areas with birds and basking turtles. What we are looking for will harmonize with that week's nature focus (butterflies, birds, turtles). Indoor studio time will include live animals in terrariums, fresh-cut wildflowers, and scientific collections for learning, drawing and painting. Each student will end the week with at least one matted painting.

Maximum enrollment for each camp: 6 students
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June 12-16
Pond Turtles I
This camp is for boys & girls aged 11-14
M-F 9:30-12:30
Learn about the turtles that bask on logs! (Eastern Painted Turtles; Yellow Bellied Sliders; Red-Eared Sliders.) Live specimens in aquariums to observe, sketch and paint from. Sketch them basking on logs outdoors and learn how scientists study turtles in the wild.

Three enrolled: (13 yr, 10 yr, 13 yr)

Number of children

June 26-30
Summer Birds and Nests
This camp is for boys & girls aged 11-14
M-F 9:30-12:30
Observe and sketch forest birds (Red-shouldered Hawk and Woodpeckers), pond birds (Great Blue Heron) and field birds (Bluebirds and Wrens). Learn to sketch and paint the trees and perches they use, and how they live and nest in the wild.

Two enrolled: (13 yr, 13 yr)

Number of children

Nature Illustration for Kids

Since the Fall of 2015, Bob has been hosting art groups for students 7-12 at his home in Southwest Durham, NC, in addition to teaching classes in Nature Illustration for Kids at the NC Botanical Garden in Chapel Hill, NC.

Bob taught elementary school for 26 years in Durham Public Schools, spending the last 10 years as the science lab teacher and science coordinator for his school. He has also spent over two decades doing scientific field studies of two species of endangered turtles native to NC; the vernal pool ecology of spotted and marbled salamanders in Piedmont, NC; as well studying NC Native Plants and the Seasonal activities of the larger NC Beetles and Giant Silk Moths. All of this is reflected in his own artwork, which includes authoring and illustrating three children's storybooks that focus on threatened or endangered species of North American Turtles.

Nature Illustration for Kids Nature Illustration for Kids

Current Classes

Bob has two home art groups for younger students (7-11) that meet on Wednesdays from 10-12, and Thursdays from 9:30-11:30. In addition, new for this year, there is a group for older students (12-15), that meets on Wednesdays from 2:30-4:30.

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